Structured Breathing™

Discover the Health Benefits of breathing Structured Air. Structured Water is great but wait there’s more…. and Now Structured Air.

With the Natural Action Technologies® Structuring Units, what we have found, and research daily, is that we witness each and every person regaining ANS regulation! That is, through the use of Structured Breathing, every person has the ability to open and maintain a regulating nervous system!

There are many folks now using Natural Action Technologies® Structuring Units to energize and neutralize toxins from their daily water intake. Many users, or potential users, are beginning to find out and explore the notion of using their same unit as a Structured Breathing device.

Why would a person pursue this? Or, more directly, what benefit does a person receive from breathing through a structuring device? Glad you asked! There is a simple principle to all heath that brain neurologists and physiologists know. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) must be regulating for the brain to control all the functions necessary for human health..

Possible Reasons for Structured Breathing
* A more regulated autonomic nervous system
* Easier, more balanced emotional states
* The ability to let go of the past
* Reduced Glitches in neurology
* Smoother, more uniform, body function
* Increased oxygen intake
* Reduced pathogenic loads
* Reduction in toxicity states
* Instantaneous pain reduction
* Greater physical endurance
* Greater Mental Concentration, Clearer Thinking
* Going into the Zone more easily
* Greater Lung Capacity
* Balanced Breathing of Inhalation and Exhalation

Order your Natural Action Technologies® Structuring Unit today. You will get the maximum benefits from Structured Breathing™ through the Dynamically Enhanced Unit.

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